UI Survey: A fifth of female students reported being raped since enrolling

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IOWA CITY, Iowa - A survey of University of Iowa undergraduates found about one in five female students reported being raped since enrolling.

The study is a first of its kind on sexual crimes at the Iowa City Campus.

About nine percent of students took the survey. Among them, 11 percent reported being raped in their first semester. More than half of victims also reported that their offender was drinking at the time of the assault.

The survey is part of the University's Speak Out campaign, encouraging students to talk about sexual misconduct.

Students we talked to say they feel the University is moving in the right direction.

“I think they’ve been pretty proactive. I know before entering the university we had to take this program about how to prevent sexual assault as a bystander," said Student, Bailey Petersen.

However, they're sure more can be done.

The university has started a two-year program based on a six point plan.

“The summer gave us the opportunity do thorough review of the key findings, discuss them with key stake holder groups and we’ve had quite considerable conversations about what’s next," said Tom Rocklin, Vice President of University of Student Life.

Some of the plans include, expanding and creating new programs, providing more resources for survivors and reviewing and revising policies on a consistent basis.

Students say the first step is just getting the conversation started "As long as everyone knows then everyone`s thinking about if everyone's thinking about the people can make proactive," said Bianca Pechous.