Mold causes post office to temporarily close in Seaton, Illinois

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SEATON, Illinois - The post office in Seaton, Illinois will temporarily close due to the discovery of black mold.

There was a rumor that the post office would permanently close and it had some worried about how they would get their mail.

"To have to go somewhere else for mail would be horrible for some of the people that live here," said resident April Howard.

That's not the case. The U.S. Post Office said they are temporarily re-locating but will not be leaving the Village of Seaton.

"The building is uninhabitable, it's got black mold in it, it's got water leaks, the whole building's falling in," said Robert Springer, village president.

Some residents were sentimental about a meeting place in the village.

"You step in and out and there's a lot of the older generation, especially, that might not get out except to get their mail or what not during the day," said Howard.

The post office said they're still working on what the changes will be while the building is being fixed.