Surveillance shows person residents believe is responsible for break-ins in Davenport neighborhood

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -  One neighborhood in West Davenport is taking matters into their own hands after they said break-ins have been happening since December.

According to Davenport Police Department there was a gun stolen from an un-locked car in Lincoln Court.

Neighbors said they've caught someone on camera who they've believe may be responsible.

"They saw him Sunday night walking up the hill and as soon as I showed them the picture, the daughter she's the same age as mine was like that's the guy we saw," said resident with surveillance video.

Neighbors said they are taking more precautions.

"Keeping our doors locked more, unfortunately, having my dog out more, neighbors are keeping an eye on things," said William Gast.

These residents said they're frustrated having to constantly be on the look-out to protect their homes.

"We don't have a lot, we work pay check to pay check just like most the people here and we don't have much but yeah people are breaking in and it's ridiculous," said Gast.