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Strategic Behavioral Health to try again to build mental health facility in the QC

BETTENDORF, Iowa-- A Tennessee based company will, once again, try to get approval from the state of Iowa to build a 72 in-patient mental health facility in Bettendorf.

The hearing in front of the Iowa Health Facilities Council was supposed to happen last July. But one member resigned and another was on medical leave. The hearing couldn't happen with just three members.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has now appointed a new member, Brenda Perrin, from northwest Iowa to the council. So now SBH has the green light to present their arguments.

Representatives from Genesis Health System say they will be at the hearing presenting arguments against SBH from building in the Quad Cities. Local hospitals like Genesis and Trinity say they can take care of the mental health needs of the community on their own.

The hearing is scheduled for October 11 in Ankeny, Iowa at 9 a.m.