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Parents keep kids home after rumor of threat to Princeton schools

PRINCETON, Illinois - Logan Junior High in Princeton, Illinois was missing about 130 students Tuesday.

Some parents said they were afraid to send their kids to school after hearing about potential threats.

"Even if the threats were not credible my daughters safety is number one and I felt that it was in her best interest and I wouldn't worry all day," said Michelle Leverich.

The rumor of a possible shooting at the school started on Monday when a bus driver overheard students talking on the bus.

"At that point we had police, probably as many as 5 squad cars at the junior high before students even arrived, or as they were arriving because of course it was new to us and we wanted to make sure that we had that police protection or presence," said Princeton Superintendent Tim Smith.

The school district and Princeton Police Department began to investigate by interviewing students about a post they heard about on Instagram.

"The screen shots at this point in time that we've seen do not reflect a direct threat to Princeton Elementary, Princeton High School, Logan specifically," said Smith.

With no threat to the schools and little information on where it originated Smith said they didn't notify parents right away.

"One of the more dangerous things to do is to share information before you have it, so that is one of the reasons we weren't able to communicate as much as maybe some would've liked," said Smith.

But the incident still had parents worried.

"When you get these threats like this and you think it`s hearsay well what about if it`s not, we need to do something," said Brandi.

The school district and the police department said even though there is no threat right now they'll continue to investigate.