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Number of trucks rise at third Food Truck Tuesday

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The number of food trucks showing up for downtown Davenport's Food Truck Tuesday pilot program continues to rise. Ten trucks set-up for the third of four Tuesdays the City of Davenport has designated for food trucks to park on public land.

This Tuesday the location was on the Davenport Riverfront.

"I think it's lovely having it right here on the river," said Juana Keller, who brought her two daughters to experience the food trucks. "The sounds of the city, it just gives it a really nice atmosphere," she said.

Keller home-schools her daughters. Right now, they are learning about New York City.

"We thought that what they're doing with the food trucks would be a really good experience for them to go up and order food and eat it on a park bench," said Keller.

Three trucks set-up at the Food Truck Tuesday was held across from the Adler Theatre at K-Square & 3rd Street. Six trucks were at week two at East 2nd and Iowa Street.

The last Food Truck Tuesday will be at East 2nd and Iowa Street on Tuesday, September 27th from 4 p.m. to 9 pm.

Following the pilot program the City intends to create a formal food truck ordinance, which is expected to roll-out next year.