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Trump, Clinton within 1% of each other in new polls, with first debate one week away

The first presidential debate is just over a week away, and the polls are closer than ever.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are within one point of each other, according to the latest average of all national polls. Real Clear Politics reports Clinton at 44.9% and Trump at 44%. Add third party candidates into the mix, and Clinton's lead shrinks to just over half of one percent.

Most of the poll movement happened during Clinton's time off the trail, spent recovering from pneumonia. Thursday, Clinton returned to campaign in Pennsylvania. She's up 9 points over Trump in that state, but, despite the lead, she's campaigning there to keep her lead as high as possible.

Why? Because she's trying to compensate for falling numbers in other swing states, like Florida and Ohio. To get those numbers up in Ohio, the Clinton campaign dispatched Senator Elizabeth Warren to Cleveland this weekend. She gave a fiery speech calling Trump a bully.

Meanwhile, Trump's running mate Mike Pence talked about Trump's recent 2nd Amendment comments about Clinton, during an interview this morning. Trump made a comment about Clinton's Secret Service protection dropping their guns and "seeing what would happen." Pence explained that Trump believes in the safety and security of every American but was saying that if Clinton didn't have all her security, she'd probably be more supportive of the 2nd Amendment.

Pence also gave a preview of his Vice Presidency, if elected. Pence says he'd model his after George W. Bush's Vice President, Dick Cheney. Cheney was known for playing an active role in the White House. Pence said he'd work closely with Congress to implement Trump's agenda.

Pence will be stopping in Iowa Monday, September 19th, for events in Mason City and Dubuque. Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine will also be here, stopping by Iowa State University. This week, both Trump and Clinton will be tackling several battleground states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.