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Bow ties boost the confidence of 20 QC teens in mentor program

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- A group of Quad Cities boys got a confidence boost today, thanks to a piece of clothing. It's as small and simple as a bowtie. But many young many in the Quad Cities had never worn one... until today.

20 boys spent the afternoon at a "Bow Tie Brunch." Some of the boys are considered 'at risk,' while others do not have a father or father-figure in their lives. The purpose of the brunch is to use something as simple as a bow tie to bring together young men and adult mentors.

Pastor Mason Parks signed up to be one of those mentors, and says he's loving the experience so far. Parks explained, "As adults, we have to start to establish relationships. We expect a lot out of these children, but we don't even know who they are. For us to expect something from them, we have to establish relationships with them."

Mentors helped the boys tie their bow ties today, but they say they'll tackle more serious topics down the road. Parks said his main goal isĀ "letting them know that the things that look good aren't always good for you. To stay focused. And to have a vision."

Parks' mentee, Mekhi Burrell, likes that plan. he says his mentor, "tells me the right path to go because he has some struggles in his life."

The boys also got backpacks filled with school supplies. But the tangible things weren't today's biggest take-aways.

"Getting to talk to my mentor to see how his life is going and to see how my life is kind of connected with that" is the best part of today, according to Burrell.

20 lives, now "tied" together, both literally and figuratively, all thanks to bow ties and brunch.