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Western Illinois University making students aware of sexual assaults

MACOMB, Illinois - Illinois college students said they're learning to speak up about sexual assaults on campus.

"It's about being comfortable to talk to someone about it and let your voice be heard about it so people won`t hide about it, they bring awareness to what`s going on," said Cam Brown, student.

Administrators at Western Illinois University are making sure the school's policies align with a new state law that took effect this school year.

"We offer online programming to all of our incoming students our transfer and freshman students take," said Andrea Henderson, Title IX Coordinator.

Andrea Henderson said that training teaches students about the school's policy and how to report a sexual assault.

"Important for students to know one that they have a right to consent and two that you must have consent in order to engage in any sexual activities," said Henderson.

Illinois colleges must now clearly outline their sexual assault response policies.

At Western, administrators said they will help a student whether the incident happened on or off campus.

"We will talk with them, make sure that they're aware of the process for being able to file an administrative complaint or in addition to any criminal complaint that they would like to file," said Henderson.

Students said the discussion's been started but there could be even more action.

"I think they need to do a better job of advocating for self defense like more self defense classes, pepper spray and even stun guns as well," said Mike Shriber, student.