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Feline Friday: Kitties down the tubes

LONDON -- Visitors to the Clapham Common Tube station on the London Underground have been enjoying a nice respite from the usual barrage of advertisements adorning the walls, being greeted by dozens of friendly felines from a local animal shelter instead.

According to an article in AdWeek, a Kickstarter campaign called for replacing all the ads in one station with pictures of cats, sponsored by the group Citizens Advertising Takeover Service or #CatsNotAds. Earlier this week, the organization hit its $30,500 goal and advertising posters were quickly replaced with adorable cat pics, featuring felines from the shelter.

Even the entrance to the subway got an upgrade, with new "cat flaps".

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service replaced 68 adverts in Clapham Common tube station with pictures of cats. Organisers say they hope the pictures will help people think differently about the world around them. Credit: CatsnotAds.org

The posters will be in place for two weeks. Meanwhile, the #CatsNotAds team is already planning its next "takeover." Entries can be submitted at CatsNotAds.org. The current frontrunner? Dogs, naturally.