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This could’ve been the worst traffic of all time on I-74 Bridge #TBT

WQAD News 8 has teamed up with Retro Quad Cities on Facebook to bring you a weekly look at the history of our hometowns. Last week, we were dealing with some power issues at the station which kept us from sharing these with you.1

First up, Davenport's 5-Points area in 1952. This is where Hickory Grove Road, North Division Street, and West Locust street converge. Back then there were stoplights too, but not nearly as technological as they are these days!2

Next up is the I-74 bridge. The first suspension bridge was built in 1935. The second, twin span was built in 1959. Then, in this photo from 1974, the approaches over Bettendorf were built. Of note are the two guys circled. One, pedaling a bike in traffic!3

This is the bustling city of Sherrard, Illinois? Looking at downtown Sherrard in 1907, it was quite a bustling community. According to the United States Census, the community had 900 residents when this photo was taken. Today, the population of Sherrard is around 600. Look on the left of the photo and you'll see a horse-drawn wagon hitched up. It will be quite a while before folks around here have cars to drive around.
Last this morning is the Deck Travel Plaza along I-80 in Geneseo, Illinois. This view, near the interchange of Illinois Highway 82 and Interstate 80 shows a gas station with service area on the left and restaurant and motel on the right. That big Texaco sign was a welcome sight to folks traveling on the newly-built cross-country interstate.