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Thieves race though gyms in Bettendorf and Davenport to steal rather than exercise

BETTENDORF, Iowa- A pair of fast-moving thieves raced through three local gyms last week, but not to exercise.

"The suspects in this case had no intentions of doing any physical activity," said Bettendorf Police Detective Jeff Buckles.

They cut their way into lockers, stole items and sped off at locations in Bettendorf and Davenport on September 7.

Victims lost cash, credit cards, cell phones and car keys.

Amanda Martin was working the front desk at Ultimate Fitness, 810 Golden Valley Drive, Bettendorf,  as the scam began.

"One of them wanted a day pass, so I checked her in," she recalled.

Surveillance video from the gym shows a second suspect ask to use the bathroom.

"It's kind of scary," Martin continued.

During the next few minutes,  two female suspects cut their way into at least one locker and stole from another before leaving.

"They're definitely professionals," said Amanda Earwood, Ultimate Fitness.  "They came in.  They had a plan. They knew exactly what they were looking for and exactly how to do it."

The spree apparently started at the downtown Davenport Y before moving to other gyms.

"Fortunately, our security and entrance policy was helpful in obtaining a picture of one of the alleged culprits," said Frank Klipsch, communications director of the Scott County Family Y. "We will continue to assist authorities in this matter."

The pair then moved from Ultimate Fitness to the Y at 4885 Utica Ridge Road in Davenport.

They used a stolen identification card from Ultimate Fitness to steal more items and cash in on stolen credit cards.

One suspect even smiled for the security camera before making the rounds.

Police say they also stole items out of cars during some of their stops.

"Unfortunately, in this case, there were people that did everything right. Unfortunately, they were still victims of criminal activity."

From start to finish, the stop at Ultimate Fitness took just seven minutes.

"They were there to do what they were there to do as far as criminal activities and leave in a short time," Detective Buckles said.

One victim was able to recover a phone that was tossed along 53rd Street.

Likely out-of-towners, they're probably long gone, making this case tough to crack.

"It's a personal attack on us," Earwood concluded.  "We do consider our members as family.  We don't want anything terrible to happen to any of our family or our members."

Contact Bettendorf Police with any information at: (563) 344-4039.