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Cubs fan who lost eye to cancer up for ‘MLB Fan of the Year’ award

Update: The winner of the "MLB Fan of the Year" is 14-year-old Natalie Adorno.

"A regular at Wrigley Field, the 14-year-old Adorno dedicates her Twitter account entirely to sharing Cubs-related messages and photos," reads the winner description.

Previous story:  CHICAGO, Illinois -- When a young cancer survivor lost his eye to the disease, he decided the next best thing was to have an eye that shows his love for Cubs baseball.  His bravery and fandom now have him up for "MLB Fan of the Year."

Beckham Zobrist was seven years old when his eye was removed. Bullying from his peers caused Beckham to shy away, his mother said; and that's when the idea for the Cubs eye came into play.

Beckham Zobrist

Beckham Zobrist

The family had Beckham's ocularist make a custom prosthetic eye with the Cubs logo.  He bravely showed his classmates, as well as the Cubs players and coaches during a trip to Wrigley field.

“He’s my idol, and I look up to him and other kids like him that’s gone through what he’s gone through and wish him all the best," said Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez, when Beckham came for a visit. "I told him he’s more than welcome to come back any time he wants.”

Now Beckham is one of four nominees up for the titles of "Fan of the Year."

Votes for Beckham are being tallied on Twitter with #CubsFOTY3.  If you want to vote for Beckham, click here, and then click "tweet to vote"Beckham Zobrist

Others up for the title are Jesus Munoz, Stewart McVicar, Beckham Zobrist, and Natalie Adorno.