Chef Scott: Blackened Sea Bass

BETTENDORF, Iowa- When you think of white fish, you generally think of cod.
Chef Brad Scott from Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Center says "how about sea bass?"

"We got about 5 ounces per person here but let's kick it up a little bit and make it blackened," says the Chef.

"I've got some Cajun seasoning here, a little chef's butter, a little lemon, and my cast iron pot that's been getting hot for five minutes.  You really want it hot."

1. Submerge both sides of the fish in chef's butter (50/50 blend of margarine and butter)
2. Dredge it in Cajun seasoning
3. Place in the hot frying pan, 3 minutes per side
4. Add chef's butter to skillet
5. Squeeze lemon onto the fish

Ready to serve.

"Wow, you can smell these Cajun spices.  Justin Wilson would be proud!"

"We just one-upped your white fish," he says.