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Scott County’s “Go All In” recycling program exceeds expectations during first month

DAVENPORT, Iowa--  Scott County's  "Go All In", recycling program has only been around for a little over a month but the program is already seeing big results.

Since the program started August 1, the recycling facility in Davenport has collected 72 percent more recyclables than in August 2015.

Before the program started, Scott County residents would have to sort their recyclables by hand, now through the "Go All In" program recyclables are sorted by crews at the Waste Commission of Scott County.

"With the new program, (residents) can recycle so many more materials that they could not recycle before. That was really the thing that we wanted to hit on the most  was educating people with what they could put in (the recycling bins)," says Waste Commission of Scott County Communications Coordinator, Brandy Welvaert.

The Wast Commission distributed about 45,000 recycling bins to Davenport and Bettendorf residents during the program's start up.