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Davenport police practice for high speed chases

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Many high speed chases put police officers in dangerous situations.

"By far and away driving is where officers get injured and lose their lives and a lot of, sad to say, is preventable with some training and some good habits," said Lt. Shawn Voigts, Traffic Bureau Commander, Davenport Police Department.

Davenport Police Department turned Credit Island into a practice field to work on different maneuvers in their vehicles.

"You're thinking about oncoming traffic, you're thinking about pedestrians, you're thinking about streets, you're thinking about conditions," said Officer Robert Welch, Davenport Police Department.

With a lot to be aware of while driving on the road, officers were starting out with the basics.

"Believe it or not a lot of our problems and minor accidents come from backing," said Voigts.

Officers that were in the front seat said going through this 8 hour training helps them do their job better.

"When you`re a little more confident I think you make better decisions you think better because you`re aware of what you can and can`t do," said Welch.