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Vendors Kick Off Second Round of Food Truck Tuesday’s in Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Food truck vendors revved for the second week of food truck Tuesday's in Downtown Davenport on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Before food trucks could come to Davenport, every business went through extensive health and safety inspections.

Mike Smith is one of the owners of Flavor Train and remembers the requirements he needed to pass in order to operate.

“We needed hot and cold water, a three well sink and refrigeration. It was just inspected from head to toe,” says Smith.

Scott County Health Department says all food trucks operating in Davenport right now passed inspections with flying colors.

“They are a restaurant on wheels they've meet the same regulations that a stationary location has,” says Eric Bradley with Scott County Health Department.

For owner Keagan Tumey, safety is just as important as serving tasty food.

“We’ve both been cooking for a while and we are both save serve certified and certified in sanitation. Every day we make sure everything is real clean and you stick to those health codes and everything is stored properly all your equipment is always running.” says Tumey

Food truck fans appreciate safety being a top priority.

“They have the same standards as a restaurant and the food is safe and you typically get some really delicious food from the food truck vendors,” says Rita Rawson.

“We love it we love the reaction from the community and it's been nothing but positive,” says Smith.

This is the second of four Tuesday’s food trucks will be out and around Davenport through September.

Vendors say if this month is a success, they hope to bring trucks back again next year.

Scott County Health Department says food trucks have to renew their permits every year and pass another inspection to operate again.