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Quad Cities students harbor healthy eating habits

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Mrs. DeJonghe's third grade class prepares for their favorite part of the day, snack time.

"Often times people who snack think of potato chips and junk food," says Becky DeJonghe.

But you won't find a single bag of Lay's chips in this classroom.

Through a federally funded program, every Tuesday and Thursday's some students in Scott and Rock Island County get a healthy snack of fruits or vegetables. Tuesday's snack was broccoli and cauliflower.

"Cauliflower, well, this is my first time trying it, and the teacher said yes, it was healthy for you to get your body moving," says third grade student Adriana Wood.

"I can teach them to read. I can teach them to multiply. But teaching them healthy life habits is something that's going to serve them forever," says DeJonghe.

The program has only been going on for a few weeks, and the lessons are already hitting home for this pint sized taste tester. When someone in the class brought in a sweet birthday treat, she politely declined.

"This is not healthy for me. So I gave it to one of my friends who liked it, and I wanted to go home and eat grapes," says Wood.

The program is not only fueling the brain, but it's fueling habits for the future.