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Family of the fatal hit and run victim in Davenport seek justice after tragic loss

DAVENPORT, Iowa--  For Shane Gayman, the corner of Cedar and 3rd street in Davenport is hard to look at, because this is the same intersection his brother Donavon Sammon lost his life.

"With this being such a sudden and tragic kind of situation... you can't always be prepared for something like this, especially with him being so young," says Gayman.

28-year-old Sammon was struck by a white Ford Expedition early morning on Sunday, September 11.

The driver, 37-year-old Randal Brocksieck later turned himself in and was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal hit and run, he was later released on bond.

Gayman says the existing charge is not enough to get the justice the feels his brother deserves.

"We want justice and I know it's early but it doesn't seem like it's going in the right direction to us. I mean we don't want to hold on to hate but at the same time we don't get our little brother anymore," he says.

The family plans to hold a candle light vigil Tuesday, September 13, on Cedar and 3rd street at 8 pm.

They've also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses.