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Overnight burglary at family owned feed store caught on camera

CARBON CLIFF, Illinois — Security video captured at East Moline Feed & Pet Supply shows the family owned business being robbed just before 2 a.m. on Friday, September 9th. Now the manager of the business is trying to get the word out so the thief gets caught.

Security video obtained by News 8 shows the thief breaking into a safe and stealing cash, checks, and credit card slips.

"It is personal because, I've only been here five years, but it is a family business. The owner is my husband's cousin and it's been in his family for 50 years, so it's hard," said Pam Betcher, Manger of East Moline Feed & Pet Supply, which opened its doors back in 1954.

Betcher said the thief made off with about $2,700.

"For us, that's like a week and a half worth of money. To a big business that wouldn't be anything, but to us that's a lot," said Betcher. She said there isn't anything the robber can do with the checks or credit card slips, but people who have written a check to the feed store within the last week should cancel it.

East Moline Feed & Pet Supply sells specialty dog food, bird food, pet supplies and hardware. In 2006, the business moved from East Moline to Carbon Cliff for a bigger building. Many of the store's customers are regulars.

"I don't think it's the right thing that that person did," said Steven Hernandez, who has been buying dog food from East Moline Feed & Pet Supply for 15 years. "The gentleman that owns this place is a very good guy," he said.

Security video shows the burglar take a firearm out of the safe, look at it, and ultimately return it into the safe. The robbery lasted about five minutes. At the time, there were three birds, cats, and a hedgehog at the store; however, none were harmed.

"That was my first concern is, did he hurt the animals," said Betcher.

In addition to money, the robber made off with a sentimental bank bag that has moved with the business throughout its history.

"That's heartbreaking though because he took that bag and that was one of the original cash bags from the old store, that was [the owner's] grandfather's," said Betcher, one of two full-time employees at the store. The business employs some part-time workers as well.

Betcher has posted screenshots of the thief in action on the East Moline Feed & Pet Supply Facebook page. She is hoping someone will recognize the burglar. Rock Island County Police are investigating the robbery.