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Rock band from Clinton, Iowa features powerful, melodic sound with female vocals

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Who we are: StillChyld

What our music is: Rock

What sets our music apart from the rest: “We as a band are here to show that life does not have to be so hard. YOU are your biggest influence in the end. Take your emotions and put them into your passion….your dream. Be who you want to be.” 

Read more about Stillchyld below

“Stillchyld hails from Clinton, Iowa fronted by female vocalist and pianist/keyboardist, Aleshia “Raptorkitteh” Bartels. 
Stillchyld boasts a truly unique sound, full of melody and power.

The name Stillchyld has a lot of meaning to it, but has different meanings for everyone. Stillchyld is Anti – bully, Anti-suicide and raising more awareness and helping the depressed both young and old alike to learn how to cope with issues with self-harm among other problems people face every day…

Stillchyld has opened up for a few larger bands such as Dope, and As I Lay Dying along with August Burns Red, doing shows at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI and The House of Bricks in Des Moines, IA.

This band is full of passion, heart, and a serious drive to band people together and teach people how to keep their dreams alive, and never let anyone tear you down.”

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