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Storm rips through farms near Abingdon, Illinois

Some farmers in rural Abingdon, Illinois, are cleaning up after severe storms blew through the area Wednesday night.

At Malone Farms, strong winds flipped the silage wagon, ripping the roof off the livestock barn and destroying the family's machine shed. More than a dozen hogs are still missing, as well as some cattle.

Ed Malone said he plans to rebuild, but estimates the damage will top $100,000.

"For about a half or 3/4 of a mile, it just left a path of destruction. There's no trees left, and it took other buildings from the neighboring farms. You can actually see a path through the cornfield," said Malone.

Malone, who lives on 180th Street, said the storm blew through around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The National Weather Service says radar did not detect any sort of organized rotation in the area, and senior meteorologist Patrick Bak believes it was a downburst that caused the damage.

Despite the mess, Malone said he's glad no one was hurt.

"[I'm] Shocked, I guess, and really amazed at what it did do," said Malone.

Severe weather also hit Des Moines and Henderson County Wednesday evening. For more information, click here.