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Rock Island business reaps the benefits from failed Walmart deal

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - Despite Walmart not coming to Rock Island, one business is benefiting from the deal that fell through.

More product is going down the assembly line at Hill and Valley Bakery in Rock Island.

"We`ve been here about a year in a half. It's about three times the square footage," said Doug Davidson, CEO and President of Hill and Valley.

The facility used to be located at the former Watch Tower Plaza, but the deal to bring a Walmart there meant Hill and Valley had to move.

"Day one had new business. We`re working six days a week, 20 hours a day so good news for us," said Davidson.

Even though Walmart announced they won't be coming to Rock Island, Hill and Valley say the move wasn't for nothing. The company has been able to expand thanks to their new building.

"This building has much more space. We have a lot more space to store products, to ship holding products. We have better temperature control in the facility compared to our old facility so this has been a great move for us," said Davidson.

More orders coming in means they've had to add at least 50 new jobs, bringing their employee total to 200. Not to mention their business has increased by 35 percent.

"We were at capacity at the old facility so this came at a great time for us. We wouldn`t be able to do what we`re doing without this new location," said Davidson.

Hill and Valley plans to expand the company even more in the next year.