Flood Warning: When rivers will crest and how high the water will get

Residents say state of Illinois work is flooding them out of their homes

Some residents in Carbon Cliff say the state of Illinois has created flash flooding in their neighborhood and have waited two  years for some relief.

"This year, it flooded six times, which is the worst so far. I am fed up. I am more fed up, every time it rains," said John Coe, of Carbon Cliff.

Residents say the increased flooding worsened after the Illinois Department of Transportation installed a bigger culvert upstream on Route 84. The new, larger culvert unleashed a heavier water flow that is overwhelming the old drainage-way downstream.

After heavy rains in 2014, the bridge and road over the creek were completely washed out. The road remains closed today.

In 2014, IDOT said "it is not our responsibility to ensure that there is adequate downstream capacity to prevent any flooding issues to local homeowners."

Residents say they've appealed to the village board, but have waited two years for some kind of relief.

"They agree there's a problem, but nobody in two years, have come up with a solution," said Coe.

Neighbor John Leyendecker says he would like to see the washed out bridge taken out to allow the water to flow downstream into the Rock River.

"Give us a backhoe. I'll learn. We'll take it out. We're tired of it," he said.

The village says it hired a local engineering firm to assess the problem, but paying for a solution is the sticking point. There's $48,000 in the road fund.  Starting estimates to replace the bridge and road have come in at $500,000.

Neighbors here say they feel like they are drowning, literally and figuratively,  and are dreading every time there's a big rain.

"The city says it is a state problem. The city says they don't have any money to fix it. The state doesn't have any money to give them. So, we're stuck in middle," said Coe.