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More details emerge in Dixon hostage situation and officer-involved shooting

DIXON, Illinois - Police have released the identity of the man shot by police in Dixon on Wednesday, Sept. 7, during a violent hostage situation, as well as the officers involved.

According to police, Justin Llanas, 33, was shot by police after stabbing a victim in front of responding officers. Upon arrival, Llanas was standing on the front porch of a house in the 800 block of West 1st Street armed with a large knife and a metal cane. Officers attempted to defuse the situation, but while they were talking with Llanas, another man attempted to leave the house and was assaulted by Llanas.

During the struggle, Llanas stabbed the man in the stomach. Sergeant Michael Wolfley attempted to use a taser on Llanas to no effect. Another officer, Leslie Shaw, also attempted to use a taser on Llanas, again to no effect. When Llanas could not be subdued with two taser attempts, Det. Andrew Oros and Officer Charles Thomas fired their handguns at him.

Llanas was shot in the abdomen, leg and wrist. Shortly after, officers called for an ambulance and began to administer emergency medical care to Llanas.

According to the media release, the entire incident was recorded on a taser camera and multiple squad car video cameras. The footage has been reviewed by Dixon Police Chief Danny Langloss.

“I have reviewed all of the video evidence and the video is conclusive," he said.  "I am completely confident that the Illinois State Police investigation will show the officers’ use of force was appropriate.  Mr. Llanas left them with no choice.  My officers’ first choice was not to use deadly force.  They tried to use their verbal skills first.  When that failed, they tried to use a Taser.  When the Taser failed to work, they had to save the victim’s life.  They couldn’t stand by and watch Mr. Llanas stab this man to death.”  Chief Langloss added, “I am very proud of the actions of the officers.  They were completely composed and used incredible restraint.  We are working closely with the officers and their families to give them the support they need.  This is difficult for everyone.”

Both officers who fired their weapons are on administrative leave per department policy, but Langloss believes they will return to work soon. The Illinois State Police is handling the investigation.

Llanas's injuries are not considered life threatening. He was airlifted to a Rockford area hospital for treatment. The release did not state what, if any, charges he is facing as a result of the hostage situation and stabbing.