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Construction workers protest outside construction company for safety issues

MILAN, Illinois - Picketers chanted for a worker who they said was injured on a job for Brandt Construction.

Former construction worker Mike Roberson said he's been hurt on the job twice and said Brandt Construction isn't helping him.

"It's just sad, it's just sad that I get hurt like that, I pay for my workman`s comp, I pay for my insurance out of my own money and yet they can't do nothing about this," said Roberson.

A representative for Quad Cities Coalition for Justice said they've been trying to talk with Brandt about similar issues since May of 2015.

"We've been really trying to get a meeting with Terry Brandt or Charlie Brandt to meet with the workers and get the issues resolved," said Vince DiDonato, Quad Cities Coalition for Justice.

News 8 went into Brandt Construction's office to speak with the owner and were told he couldn't be reached for comment.