Burlington area hit hard by severe weather


Des Moines and Henderson County were hit very hard by severe weather Wednesday night. Around 8pm, a severe storm moved into the Burlington, Iowa area causing flash flooding. The National Weather Service passed along media reports that there were four people trapped in a car that was in flood waters. In addition, the Emergency Manager reports Bluff Road was closed for a time due to a rock slide.

At 8:20pm, trained storm spotters observed a cone-shaped funnel cloud near Stronghurst, Illinois. It lasted only a brief time and didn’t touch the ground. However, the funnel did make it half way down from the clouds.

Flash Flood Watches are canceled as drier air moves in. No severe weather is foreseen today or tomorrow morning. However, there will be a risk of severe weather Friday afternoon and evening.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen
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This was the scene near the Dairy Queen in Burlington last night. Thanks to Nick Weigert for posting this to my Facebook page. -Eric