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Ladd, Illinois man wants answers about his mom’s disappearance

LADD, Illinois - A son is speaking out hoping some new clues lead to his missing mom. The small village of Ladd, Illinois is starting to get national attention in the search for Deborah Dewey.

It's been two weeks since 62-year-old Deborah Dewey went missing. Her son Chris wants to know what happened to her.

"She would not just up and split and vanish," said Chris.

Police say Deborah was last seen on August 22nd, 2016 at a Dollar General store in a neighboring city, Spring Valley. However, the next day when Chris didn't hear from his mom, he tried to call her several times. After he found out she didn't show up to work that's when he knew something was wrong.

"She just doesn`t like not show up to work or blow off work or anything like that so that's when it was kind of troublesome," said Chris.

A week later police say her car was found at a truck stop on Illinois Route 47 just north of I-80. The car was unlocked with her keys and purse inside.

"I just thought that was strange the car showed up way over there a week later," said Chris.

Chris is trying to the get the word out, from passing out thousands of fliers, putting up billboards to offering a $10,000 reward.

"We figure that might lose up some lips or something you know," said Chris.

He says he's not giving up on hope that he'll see his mother again one day, We`re not going to quit so I mean until we find out something we`re just going to keep pushing and pushing, something is going to break open pretty quick."

The Illinois State Police say they're working with several other agencies on the case.

If anyone has any information they're asked to call the Illinois State Police at 800-843-5763.