Investigation Continues Into Officer-Involved Shooting in Dixon

DIXON, Illinois -- Police are investigating an officer involved shooting in Dixon that sent a man to the hospital.

Dixon police say the incident happened near the 800 block of West Third Street just after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday afternoon on September 7, 2016

People in the neighborhood say they see police called to the home where the shooting happened at least once a week.

“They always have problems. They yell and bicker. It’s one thing or another,” says Jisaiah Avila who lives in the area.

Avila remembers hearing about the shooting while at school.

“I stand behind them (the officers) in their actions. Had they not done what they did, an innocent person would be dead,” says Dixon Police Chief, Danny Langloss.

Langloss says officers were called to the home for a report of a man holding his girlfriend hostage.   When they arrived, police say they saw a man on the porch holding a knife.

“He was incredibly upset and agitated,” says Langloss.

The situation escalated when police say the armed man stabbed a different man who came out of the house.

“Officers tried to deploy a taser but the taser did not work,” added Langloss.

That's when two Dixon officers shot the suspect.

“Officers go their entire career hoping to never use their firearms or what is considered deadly force but sometimes they are confronted with situations where there's no choice.

As the investigation continues, Avila says he worries for his grandparent’s safety.

“I always make sure doors are locked... everything is secured,” says Avila.

Dixon police chief has asked The Illinois state police to do a full investigation into his department’s use of force. The officers involved in the shooting are now on paid administrative leave.

The last officer involved shooting in Dixon was back in February of 2004.