Aledo golfer celebrates 100 years with 9-hole tournament

ALEDO, Illinois — It was a beautiful day out on the golf course Saturday, Sept. 3, and as one Aledo woman proves, there's no better way to celebrate a century of life.

Oak View Country Club might as well be Tommy Greer's second home. Even at 100-years old, Tommy isn't letting age keep her from the course.

"I've always enjoyed it. Let's see, when did I start playing? I have no idea," she said.

On Saturday, Tommy got a golf outing in her honor. A 9-hole scramble named The Tommy Greer First 100 Years Tournament. But Tommy wasn't watching, she was playing.

"Pitching and putting. I'm not very good at driving anymore. I'd probably be in the creek or I'd probably divot, make great big divots," she laughed.

Golf may be a game of numbers but for Tommy it's the friends, family and memories that count. Tommy says her dad was one of Oak View's original stockholders, so she has been a member of the Aledo Country Club for nearly her entire life.