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Drivers, Troopers Gearing Up For Labor Day Travel

MOLINE, Illinois - As more people hit the roads this Labor Day weekend drivers and police officers are gearing up for what could be a dangerous weekend.

News 8 hit the roads on August 2, 2016 to find out how holiday travel is shaping up. Driver wound up in a few stand stills coming through bigger cities.

“The trip through Chicago was a mess,” said Kim who is traveling with her husband from Michigan.

“Nashville and Atlanta was very busy,” says Rex Thurn who is driving from Florida to Iowa for a family reunion.

After drivers got through the traffic, it was smooth sailing.

“There’s been a lot of construction through Illinois and Iowa but all in all traffic hasn't been too bad,” added Rex.

“We’ve been moving pretty swift so it's not bad at all,” says Kim.

To keep it that way, more troopers will be out on the roads looking for any sign of danger.

“We are looking for the people who aren't making safe choices who are intoxicated, speeding or following too close,” says Iowa State Trooper, Dan Loussaert.

Truck drivers are also asking travelers to pay attention to semis.

“Leave more distance, about twice as much as you think you should have. We are 80,000 pounds and it takes us twice as long to slow down,” says Truck Driver, James Short.

“Buckle up, have fun, be safe and be responsible,” added Loussaert.

The National Safety Council says holiday travel is up this year because of lower average gas prices.