Flood Warning: When rivers will crest and how high the water will get

Until the Centennial Bridge was completed, this was the best way to cross the river #TBT


It’s a tradition to look back at our past each Thursday on Good Morning Quad Cities. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Retro Quad Cities to give you a glimpse at four different photos.RETRO1
First up? 1900 Moline. This photo shows the city celebrating its commerce and manufacturing accomplishing. A street fair on 3rd Avenue shows many banners saying “Proud Moline” banners. Several trolley tracks can be seen and does anybody think that kid in the front looks like Bing Crosby?RETRO2
Steamboats have a big part of the Quad Cities’ history. This photo from 1940 shows one of the many ferries that served as a main transportation from one bank of the Mississippi River to the other. The paddlewheel boats moved thousands of people from Davenport to Rock Island and back. And they were a mainstay before the Centennial Bridge was built in the late 1930s. “The W.J. Quinlan,” shown here, lasted the longest and is the most remembered.RETRO4
This photo from the 1948 Summer Program from the Moline Parks District is a hoot! It shows the “Little Miss Moline” tournament participants and two teasing onlookers. It was taken at the Riverside Swimming Pool.RETRO3
Last snapshot from our past is from 1966. This playbill from the RKO Orpheum on March 21st and 22nd welcomes Liberace to the “largest theatre in the State of Iowa!”