QC driver wants state to pay after botched highway paint job

COAL VALLEY, Illinois - Some drivers say they're upset after yellow paint got on their cars. It came from paint overspray along U.S Highway 6, between Glenwood Road and Interstate 80 on ramp.

The Illinois Department of Transportation said crews were painting, but it started raining so the paint didn't have time to dry.

Cherokee Bunch takes Highway 6 home.

"It just spread to both lanes so I mean I don`t think there`s any way of avoiding it," said Bunch.

While a lot of drivers want the roadway fixed, Bunch wants something else cleaned up.

"The whole front of my bumper, the headlights, it like goes all the way down through here," said Bunch.

The paint got on her white SUV and she says it came with no warning for drivers.

"I saw that there was yellow paint in the road but I just thought maybe it was like old because there was no signs," said Bunch.

She said she's tried everything to get the paint off. The paint splattered almost everywhere on her car and she's sure it won't be a cheap fix.

"I think it would be a whole new paint job which is not cheap," said Bunch.

A fix she says she shouldn't be responsible to pay for. Bunch wants the state to step on to cover the cost.

News 8 reached out to the Illinois Department of Transportation, but our call wasn't returned.