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Moline officer surprises woman with car

MOLINE, Illinois — One local woman has a Moline officer to thank for her brand new car. Danielle Robinson was in an accident yesterday, Aug. 31, that totaled her car. Moline police officer Patrick Moody couldn't find anyone at fault for the accident.

Danielle is a single mother and has been having a hard time making ends meet. Her insurance wasn't enough to cover the damages, so officer Moody decided he was going to give her a brand new car - for free.

"She just seems like a really sweet lady and was in desperate need of help and I would have felt terrible if I wouldn't have done that," said Moody.

"He is a true blessing," said Robinson.

Moody says he does random acts of kindness each year and this was one of them. Cheap Cars in Silvis helped pitch in for the car.