Water going down after big river crest in Colona

Good morning!

The next few days of dry weather are music to the ears of anyone living along area rivers. Overnight, the Green River near Colona, Illinois had its 16th biggest crest in history!

The river topped out just shy of 16 1/2 feet Tuesday evening. That is about two feet lower than the record crest of 18.77 feet set on October 18, 1998. According to the National Weather Service, at 14.5 feet, the water affects some roads around south Colona. At 15.5 feet, water affects Illinois Highway 84 north of U.S. Highway 6 in Colona. At 18 feet, water inundates 10th Avenue and water affects downstream levees.

Rivers will continue to fall for a few days, but more heavy rain next week could cause additional flooding.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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