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Ohio hospital loses baby’s remains

LORAIN, OH - A Lorain family is in shock after a local hospital says they discarded a stillborn infant's remains.

"I just think it's so disgusting," said Pearlean Bohannon. "I've never heard of anything like this in my life. How do you lose a baby?"

Bohannon says hospital staff at Mercy Regional in Lorain was cruel when delivering the heartbreaking news to her granddaughter, baby Joh'nae's parent. Hospital employees told family members the baby girl's remains were discarded with the laundry.

"They did not have the decency enough to call her to come to the hospital," said Bohannon.

"To sit down, talk to her, have an interview. They told her this over the phone while she was driving. Well my God. She could have had an accident; she could have killed herself; she could have done anything."

Mercy issued the following statement to Fox 8:

"Mercy extends its sincerest condolences to the family. We are deeply sorry for the additional distress arising from this incident. Mercy deeply regrets the occurrence of this event and is working to remedy the situation. With profound empathy for the family’s feelings, we are continuing to investigate all aspects of this matter. Though it does not alleviate the pain of this incident, we have implemented revised processes to prevent a re-occurrence."