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What made this week tough for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

It's been a tough week for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Starting with Clinton, this week saw the release of another 15,000 emails, which weren't originally turned over to her attorneys. The new batch of emails were uncovered by the FBI on Tuesday from Clinton's private email server. These emails were sent while she was Secretary of State and appear to show how Clinton Foundation donor gained access to the State Department, including a sports executive who donated millions of dollars and later got a visa for a British soccer player with a criminal past.

Turning to Trump, the Republican is scheduled to give a big speech on immigration this Wednesday in Arizona. But his statements over the past few days have been all over the map, leaving many Americans wondering just what his policy is. Trump visited Iowa yesterday, and says he is now ruling out a pathway to legalization for the nation's undocumented immigrants, a sharp departure from his comments made just a few days ago. On Tuesday, Trump seemed at least open to providing legal status to undocumented immigrants who had not been convicted of crimes. At one point, he even polled the audience at one of his rallies, asking what they would do.

This week's political events are already having a big effect on poll numbers. Clinton's lead over Trump has been cut in half in just one week. According to a new, national poll released August 28th by "Morning Consult," Clinton leads Trump 43% to 40%. One week ago, she led him by six points, 44% to 38%.

An average of all polls conducted in the last month shows that Clinton still holds onto a six point lead over Trump nationally, 48% to 42%.