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Creekside Vineyards volunteers coming together to make QC wine

COAL VALLEY, Illinois — Every year around the end of summer volunteers come to the Creekside Vineyards to pick thousands of grapes.

For owner Jennifer Mital, it's a chance to connect with the community while getting the extra help she needs.

"Part of our work here  in the vineyards start all the way back in March... So really this is our last big push to get all these healthy grapes off," she says.

Grape picking, she says, is also a way to keep a bit of Illinois' history around for years to come.

"Before prohibition there were more vineyards in Illinois than corn and soybean fields.   (In) Illinois and in the Midwest, (they have)  a long history of grape growing and wine making."

Creekside Vineyards  expects to pick between 10 to 12 thousand grapes before Labor Day.

The winery has a tasting room in Preemption, Illinois that's open Wednesday through Saturday. CLICK HERE to visit their website and learn more about Creekside Vineyards.