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What is that on the old Lodge Hotel? We sent a drone to take a closer look

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(Video courtesy of Darryl Cross and Coach Cross Photography)

BETTENDORF -- If  you've driven near the recently abandoned (and hopefully soon-to-be-demolished)  Lodge hotel recently, you may have noticed a strange sight on the Bavarian-themed building's roof area. Someone (or more than one) has managed to festoon the brown roof with a bunch of brightly colored paint.

Freelance drone photographer Darryl Cross sent his video drone up for a look this week, and captured some interesting footage of the graffiti.

Officials from Russell Construction - which recently signed on to a development agreement with the city of Bettendorf to demolish the Lodge and create a new mixed-use development on the site - said the vandalism occurred a couple weeks ago. Russell spokesperson Angela Bagby said there is now surveillance in place at the hotel.

Russell continues to work with city officials to develop a timeline for demolition, she added.