Without water, you realize how big our dam really is #TBT

It's 1932 and Lock and Dam #15 is in the early stages of construction. Notice the worker standing on the concrete under the roller. Today, it's hard to really appreciate the size of the dam. Rumor has it there’s some catfish the size of men that live in the shadows of these rollers!dBuilt in 1871, the Harper House Hotel stood in downtown Rock Island for more than a hundred years. However, after a valiant effort to save the building, it was torn down in 1973.c

Check out these houseboats near the 24th Street viaduct in Rock Island. A floating home for clammers, fishermen and those whose livelihood was with goods carried on the river. It was cheap living but only for the hardiest.b
This photo from 1978 shows the Rock  Island Watch Tower plaza sign, much the same as it is today! The Iconic metal statue of Chief Black Hawk has never been painted. It has the original porcelain coating that was on the statue since installation. Not bad for a 50 year old finish, huh? It once stood guard over the long-gone Zayer’s store that was the anchor for one of the areas earliest strip malls.   g