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Monmouth-Roseville administrators have fun with carpool karaoke

MONMOUTH, Illinois - By day the superintendent for Monmouth-Roseville schools is in a suit and tie but after school he has a passion for rap.

"It`s been my favorite type of music since 1984," said Ed Fletcher, superintendent Monmouth-Roseville.

He showed off his skills and made his principals do the same in a round of Carpool Karaoke.

The video was a way of showing the human side of an administrator.

"I think it`s important for our community members to see that we`re regular people as well, that like to have fun," said Fletcher.

He also wants to get the teachers in the district to be creative in the classroom.

"We expect our teachers to do great things for kids, to try different things in their classroom, so I kinda felt like if I`m expecting them to do that, I gotta do it myself," said Fletcher.

The administrators in the video sang, held hands through it and just had a good time.

Overall Fletcher said he's heard nothing but positive feedback so far.

"Overwhelmingly positive, ya know that people from when I was a kid who were on Facebook, they know me, and are like, oh this is kinda typical Ed Fletcher," said Fletcher.

Here is the full video: