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Iowa cabin swept away with flash flood, couple inside rescued

LANSING, Iowa — When severe weather moved into Iowa, a Cedar Rapids couple had no idea they were in danger until it was too late.

The couple was staying in a cabin near a small creek when the rain created a flash flood. The force of the water swept away the couple's cabin with it, when they were trapped inside.

The fire chief says some well placed trees kept the cabin from ending up further downstream.

"If those weren't there God knows where we'd be finding them this morning. So, fate or whatever, somebody's watching over them," said Chief Tony Becker.

Rescue crews had to use a boat to get to the couple because the current was so strong.

"It's been a hard experience but also been most, what shall I say, it gives you faith in human beings, it makes you feel good to be in America that they'll came out and do that for you - stuck in the woods like we were. it's been wonderful. I'm so happy," said Cedar Rapids resident Veronica Niekamp.