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Development plans for the Davenport riverfront

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Davenport riverfront will soon start looking different with plans to develop it once the old Rhythm City Casino boat is gone.

For Janette Jones who's lived in Davenport her whole life, she wants to see families enjoying the riverfront.

"Well just throw everything on land and the rest of the park we can have picnics, a little museum down there, people can set up like hot dog stands," said Janette Jones, Davenport resident.

Jones said the open riverfront is a destination for people.

"If you put something up you won`t be able to see the eagles I mean that`s huge here people come from all over to see them," said Jones.

That may not happen, in less than three months the riverboat should be gone but the barge it rests on might stay.

Aldermen said they are considering new plans that could allow a business to build on that barge or nearby on land.

"We would request proposals and to see if someone has a viable option because ultimately this has to have a wow factor," said Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch.

The mayor said the city must first see what the owner of the barge wants to do and then by November 1st a decision should be made just what we'll see after this boat is gone.

"Then there`s things like a sculpture garden and play areas and family friendly areas that will be around the either redeveloped barge project or another commercial venture," said Klipsch.

The mayor and the council said they won't be the only ones planning the future of the valuable riverfront, they said they still want to hear from the people.

"There`s a story to be told you know down here the children need to know about that story of Davenport so I think it should be family oriented for everyone to enjoy," said Jones.