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Bettendorf baby coins a new dance, the ‘Whitey’s Wiggle’, in viral online video

BETTENDORF, Iowa-- Tess Rasche isn't your typical 11-month-old babbling baby. She's an overnight internet sensation.

Her fame came from a certain flavor, a Butterfinger shake from Whitey's Ice Cream. Tess doesn't scream for ice cream, she wiggles for it.

"She's the best baby, but she'd been a little crabby that day, she's teething. And I just wanted to finish my Whitey's in peace, so I was like, I'll let her try it," says Tess' mom Kylah.

The first time Tess tried the ice cream, she smiled ear to ear, and did a wiggle. It's now called the Whitey's Wiggle.

In less than a day Tess' dance has hundreds of shares and more than 13,000 shares on Facebook, something mom wasn't expecting.

"I had no idea, not at all. I just wanted to capture a cute moment," says Kylah.

Now Tess practices, getting in a wiggle here, a wiggle there whenever she can.

She's combining her love of ice cream with her dancing skills. It's the recipe of success for this 11-month-old.

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