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Davenport car dealership donates 15 passenger van to community church

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DAVENPORT, Iowa --Workers at Jeff’s Car Corner hand wash their cars every chance they get, and they're making sure their 1998 Dodge Ram shines for their next customer.

General Manager, Travis Sherven says Pastor Daryl Solomon of the New Birth of Victory Temple Church in Rock Island has introduced him a lot of good customers in the past, now donating the 15 passenger van is the least he can do to give back to the community.

"Pastor Solomon is a strong leader in the community, he also believes in giving back and for us to be able to partner with him and be able to provide them with reliable transportation is just a great opportunity for us to give back to the community as well," he says.

The donation, Pastor Solomon says has come just in time for the church, which is in desperate need for a new roof and other repairs cause by months of storms.

And dealing with the repairs in addition to finding a way to get around has been a struggle.

"We’re in the process of remodeling the building and reconstructing and it's my vision to have this building look just like its original," he says.

However, it’s a vision that will cost the church around $50,000.

The church is working to raise the money for the repairs on its own, and leaving the issue of transportation for another day. But Jeff’s Car Corner is giving the church the van for free, taking away some financial weight.

The church plans to take the van to Cedar Rapids for a praise dance performance June 18.