Investigator finds no evidence former Illinois treasurer Rutherford sexually harassed employees

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — An investigator has found no evidence that former state Treasurer Dan Rutherford sexually harassed or committed retaliation against former employees.

The former employee, Edmund Michalowski, levied the allegation in February 2014 lawsuit, detonating Rutherford’s hopes to be the Republican nominee for governor.

The review by Ron Braver & Associates was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. It says interviews, travel vouchers and text messages don’t corroborate Michalowski’s claims that he endured Rutherford’s unwanted sexual advances and was passed over for promotions or raises.

Michalowski’s attorney, Dana Kurtz, says her client and other young men were being harassed and he wanted it to stop. She says it’s “absurd” to think Michalowski’s intent was to derail Rutherford or extort money.