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Moline to see huge development opportunity from I-74 bridge project

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MOLINE, IL - The I-74 bridge project might cause a headache for drivers and a construction mess for some communities, but Moline it's going to see a huge benefit.

The current bridge has boxed in downtown, stopping development.

"We`re really expanding really the core of downtown because right now clearly the I-74 bridge cuts off the downtown," said Ray Forsythe, planning and development director for the city of Moline.

Once the old bridge is gone, it frees up more space for the city. There's eight blocks of potential redevelopment land that can be used for parks, residential or mix use.

Not only is there space along the riverfront, but the land is all ready to go.

"The street system is already there, the utilities are there," said Forsythe.

Construction of the new bridge is years off, but the city is already planning now for a big chance to expand downtown.

Already the city has purchase the old Spiegel warehouse and the property behind it.

These possible plans has the city also working on a transportation plan that connects downtown, the riverfront, the new Amtrak station and Western Illinois' Quad City campus.