Transportation plan changes proposed in Moline

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With new projects coming to Moline, the city is working to figure out ways to get people around.

There's a lot going on in Moline, from projects like the continued growth at Western Illinois University Quad City campus, the I-74 bridge project and the Multimodal Q Station.

"We`re really drilling down into the details and looking how we can better connect the riverfront with the surrounding neighborhoods," said Moline's city planner, Jeff Anderson.

That means coming up with a better transportation plan. Thursday night the community got to see some ideas that could work in Moline. One idea is to add bike lanes to 4th and 12th Street.

Also to connect WIU to downtown. Traffic would be slowed down on River Drive by narrowing the lanes and adding additional crosswalks.

"Literally a couple of years ago that wasn`t there and now there's 1,500 plus students," said Anderson.

Once the old I-74 bridge is gone there's going to be a lot of green space which consultants say is perfect to turn into an active recreation space. 19th Street would extend, taking people all the way down to the riverfront.

Anderson hopes it's a plan that shows off what Moline has to offer while making sure it's easy for people to get there, "It may not be as big as Chicago or name your city, but offers something for everybody and really creates an exciting place to live to work and recreate."