Morning storms bring heavy rain, small hail and flash flooding


This morning, Meteorologist Eric Sorensen was tracking the storms live here on WQAD.COM. Here is a look at how the heavy thunderstorms developed. Click here to watch video and get more information on possible heat later today.

7:30am – We’re being told there is plenty of street flooding going on in Galesburg. Be careful if you’re out and about. The rain will end in the next hour or so. Flash Flood Warning continues until 10am.

7:17am – Our weather watcher Larry reports ‘the best lightning show you could imagine’ in Galesburg with more than 4 1/2 inches of rain and climbing. Creeks and streams are rising. Be careful on those rural low-water crossings!

7:00am – Heavy rainfall and street flooding being reported in Galesburg. 4 inches of rain has come down within the city limits. Don’t drive across a flooded roadway!

6:30am – Reports of 3 inches of rainfall in Knoxville. One viewer said she received almost five inches overnight! The heaviest rain is moving east of Peoria on its way to Bloomington right now.

rainestimate6:16am – Rainfall amounts are estimated near 4 inches west of Muscatine! A swath of 2-4 inches of rain has come down from Louisa and Muscatine Co. southeastward into Aledo and Galesburg.

6:11am – FLASH FLOOD WARNING Knox County until 10am. Heavy rainfall is causing flooding right now.

5:45am – Paul Brooks in Muscatine reports 1.25″ of rainfall in just 15 minutes!

5:05am – Torrential rainfall continues for southern Muscatine and much of Louisa County. Rainfall rates of 2 inches per hour there right now. This is expected to continue for another hour or two. Flash flooding is becoming more likely for Columbus Junction, Fruitland, Conesville, and Muscatine. Over the river into Mercer County, there is torrential rainfall as well. Creeks and streams will see quick rises with some flash flooding expected. Never cross a flooded roadway!

4:30am – Heavy thunderstorm affecting Galesburg right now. Some nickel sized hail is possible!

4:00am – Another strong storm will work through the Quad Cities through 5am. Dime sized hail was reported in Johnson Co. in the past few minutes. Heads up, this one could cause some flash flooding for the early morning commute.

3:30am – Flash flooding will become a real threat for the morning commute. Please allow extra time and monitor usual flood-prone areas for rapid rises in the next few hours. -ERIC

3:15am – There is a communications outage at the NWS. That means the doppler radar is currently down. Rest assured, we have some of the best at the NWS Quad Cities and they are working to get everything back online. We do have other radars we will be using that will fill the void until it comes back. No worries, and will have a good view of these coming up on Good Morning Quad Cities. However, some of the radar products you see here on WQAD.COM, apps, and sites will be blank. Just another reason you should still count on us for severe weather info! We also continue to get our live lightning data, which helps us assess which storms are developing and which are weakening. -ES

3:10am – Pea-sized hail reported in Davenport.

3:02am – Pea-sized hail was just reported by the broadcast media in Downtown Rock Island.

3:00am – Gusty wind, on the order of 45mph, occurring with the squall as it moves over the Channel 8 studios. Also constant lightning. No severe warnings right now. Just very heavy rainfall and lightning. -ES

2:37am – Localized rainfall of 3-5 inches will cause flash flooding this morning. Read more here:

(2:26 AM) nwsbot: DVN issues INTENSE LIGHTNING WITH STRONG THUNDERSTORMS MOVING ACROSS EASTERN IOWA AND NORTHWEST ILLINOIS EARLY THIS MORNING for Iowa, Johnson, Cedar, Clinton, Muscatine, Scott, Keokuk, Washington, Louisa, Jefferson, Henry [IA] and Carroll, Rock Island, Whiteside [IL] till 4:30 AM CDT

2:25am – A cluster of strong storms is affecting the region early this morning. A few storms will be capable of producing nickel to quarter sized hail, along with wind gusts near severe limits. Stay indoors if these are moving into your area and please let us know your conditions on the WQAD Facebook Page.

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  • Jack Wolf

    I am brave. You are too. Whatever the price, I shall defend our island planet, whatever the cost may be, I shall fight on the beaches, I shall fight on the landing grounds, I shall fight in the fields and in the streets, I shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender to the fossil fuel foe. It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. This is our ultimate challenge, the stuff that epic history is made of. Don’t stay home and watch it on the tellie. Be there and share. Be brave.
    People’s Climate March: NYC 9.21.14

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