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Illinois woman gets stuck in mud for 26 hours

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An Illinois woman was stuck in mud for 26 hours before being rescued.

“I don’t know how I got through it,” said Amy Chitwood from Carmi, Illinois.

Chitwood left her home Saturday morning, August 30 to go for a walk along a river in southeast Illinois. She slipped and fell along a steep bank, according to a report by KTVI, and wound up trapped in mud up to her waist.

Trying to climb out made her sink deeper; Chitwood said the mud was like quicksand.

A short while later her boyfriend reported her missing. Police looked for her, but had no success.

Several worries crossed her mind as she remained there for more than a day. According to the report, Chitwood said she was concerned about the river level rising and wild animals that may be lurking. As a diabetic, she also worried that nobody would find her in time, as she did not have her insulin with her.

The next day, 26 hours later, a fisherman spotted her and called 911. When he found her, he thought she was dead because she wasn’t moving; she had dozed off while yelling for help.

“I looked up and I seen the police, and I started crying,” Chitwood said.

To get her unstuck from the mud, it took a truck, ropes, and several rescuers. She was then taken to a nearby hospital. With only a hip injury that she sustained during the fall, Chitwood was released Sunday.

She said she would like to find the fisherman that spotted her and offer a thank you.

Recalling her experience, Chitwood said she never gave up hope, wanting to see her son and boyfriend again. She said she plans to cherish every moment with her family, having found a new appreciation for life.